A System of Education

Enabling and motivating citizens to exert their responsibilities

- Precondition of an efficient democracy -

by Eckhard Sambach


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  1. Joint responsibilities (1)
    1. The information system (more)
    2. The education system of an effective current democracy enables and motivates the citizens to exert their personal, family and civic responsibilities in a large-scale, open and heterogeneous society.
      1. Coverage: It is addressing the children, teenagers and citizens throughout lifetime.
      2. It is transmitting three types of knowledge in order to transform future voters into responsible citizens :
        1. The basics of elementary knowledge and of rational behaviour, i.e.
          1. the fundamental general knowledge of the mother tongue, the English language, of mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, of arts and of physical education
          2. the basic knowledge for professional activity corresponding to present requirements and providing the means for self-preservation.
        2. The civic and economic knowledge, i.e. :
          1. the conditions of an efficient democracy (principles and global framework) (more)
          2. the ability of the citizens to react reasonably to political projects and actions. This faculty is based on
            1. their capacity to sort out from the daily flow of information those relevant for the general interest in the medium and long term
            2. a sufficient acquaintance with
              1. the role of the general framework (institutions and legislative system; traditions and religion; climate and geological characteristics; information, education, knowledge, mentality),
              2. the principal macroeconomic variables and relations (in particular national and regional accounting),
              3. the organisational possibilities and decision making procedures
              4. the mechanisms of incentive, allocation and redistribution
              5. the obstacles to respecting the general interest in the medium and long term (undermining the possibilities of sustainable well-being and progress) (more)
        3. The awareness of the conditions and possibilities of a peaceful and constructive coexistence in and between nations. They include, for example, the interactions between
          1. the degree of acceptance when invoking a divine will to justify
            1. the violation of other's rights or properties
            2. an ostentatious behaviour in public expressing a refusal of integration and
          2. the degree of social cohesion in a country or the kind of international relations
      3. It grants a particular assistance to young people coming from a modest or unfortunate background.
      4. It has an eficient inffrastructure, i.e.
        1. an equipment, including in particular modern textbooks providing the teachers, parents and pupils with the required knowledge and capacities,
        2. a personal equipment, i.e. parents and teachers being sufficiently educated and motivated for their tasks.
(1) The numbering of items corresponds to that of the Site Map (A - i) and is used, where necessary, a second time (A - i -A -i).

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