Conditions of an Efficient Democracy

Lessons of political and macro-economic failures in the long run

by Eckhard Sambach

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The Conditions
  1. The principles of operation
    1. Primacy of the general interest in the medium and long term
    2. The principle of responsibility
      1. Personal responsibilities
      2. Collective responsibilities
    3. The principle of credibility
    4. The principle of efficient allocation
      1. of ressources
      2. of policies
        1. The principle of subsidiarity
        2. The principle of proportionality
        3. Policies based on differences or similarities
  2. The global institutional framework
    1. Characteristics
    2. Elements
      1. System of incentives and deterrence
        1. Flexible relative prices
        2. Legal system
        3. Traditions
      2. Particular institutional protection of the general interest
      3. Governmental program: Procedure
        1. Draft programs
          1. Preparing the bases
          2. Setting up of drafts
        2. Electing the program
        3. Execution
        4. Duration
      4. Distribution of responsibilities
        1. Specific responsibilities and corresponding instruments
          1. Organizations and institutions acting in the medium and long-terrm general interest
          1. Both sides of industry
        1. Joint responsibilities
          1. Information system
          2. Education system

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